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Fundamentos Eletronica Gabriel Torres quenkris




Gabriel Torres – Fundamentos de Eletronica. Category:Brazilian academics Category:Brazilian academics Category:20th-century Brazilian educators Category:1974 births Category:Living people[Distribution of leukocyte-associated ICAM-1 in larynx carcinoma and its correlation with metastasis]. To observe the distribution of leukocyte-associated ICAM-1 in laryngeal carcinoma and its correlation with metastasis. Immunohistochemical technique was used to detect the distribution of ICAM-1 in 64 laryngeal carcinoma patients. Tumor metastasis was evaluated according to the criteria of the lymph node metastasis pattern. The positive rate of ICAM-1 in poorly differentiated carcinoma was higher than that in well differentiated carcinoma, but there was no significant difference in the positive rate of the two groups (P > 0.05). The positive rate of ICAM-1 was positively correlated with the clinical stage (P 0.05). The metastasis rate of ICAM-1 high positive group was higher than that of the low positive group (P Q: Find the largest index of an element in a list I am trying to write a function that finds the largest index of a element in a list and return the largest index if the element is not in the list. For example: >>> def largestIndex(a): ... maxIndex = 0 ... for i in a: ... if a[i]!= i: ... if i == a[maxIndex]: ... return maxIndex





Fundamentos Eletronica Gabriel Torres quenkris

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